Friday, May 08, 2009

about the mental notes...

well... i dont know why i seem to find the "inspiration" whenever i cannot get thru to a computer and write it.

like when i'm in the car, i get this thoughts, i get the ideas and i want to write them down, when i get there, i forget about it, or i loose the track of it.

but whenever i listen to ceremony, it's like time stops.

and when its stopped, i get caught up in so many thoughts.

i like that feeling.

feels like hope.

feels like something new every single time i listen to it.

and i don't think about anyone.

it doesn't remembers me of anyone or anything.

i wouldn't love it if it remembered me of someone or something...

instead, i think about me.

i like to think about me sometimes.

i think about where am i.

i think about what i want.

i think about where i want to be.

it gives me hopes and thoughts of future moments.

the guitars, the drums, the vocals.

love that song.

ps. when i mentioned that i wanted to write something about 'ceremony' it was not gonna be like this, i had some other thought that i forgot, maybe some other deep feeling or thought that i wanted to let it out, since i forgot the original idea, i decided to write the feelings that i get in general when i listen to it. sad, huh?


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